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best sneakers for orangetheory fitness — brooks adrenaline GTS 19 review

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

In January 2019, I tried out Orangetheory Fitness for the first time. I wanted to do more cardio — something that I've always hated — and have always loved group fitness classes, so I bought a membership package and started going on a regular basis.

I immediately loved the class format and the atmosphere of the studio, but as I continued to go, I noticed past problems I've had with my knees and my hips started to reappear. It was really upsetting because I loved the workout, but could no longer justify going if I was just going to injure myself over time. I paused my membership for the summer and intended to cancel it in the fall, but inevitably got re-addicted this September.

At first, it didn't even cross my mind that I was probably wearing the wrong type of shoes to do cardio in. I loved my Adidas NMD_R2 sneakers — I still do — but they absolutely do not do the job when it comes to wearing them while running and rowing at OTF.

Earlier this month I decided that I really wanted to continue working out at OTF and since I was going nearly every day of the week, it was time to invest in some new sneakers. After researching the best shoes for running and for stability in general, I came across the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19.

As someone who often overlooks functionality for the fashion of things, these shoes immediately turned me away because they look, well, geriatric. If it weren't for Jess Keys, the blogger behind The Golden Girl blog, I definitely wouldn't have even considered purchasing the Adrenaline GTS 19 sneakers, which she has dubbed "gerries" (you can read her review here).

I ordered my sneakers through and prayed they would fit, because I needed new shoes ASAP — my 20-year-old body couldn't take another day of experiencing the pain I felt after exercising in my NMDs.

Honestly, the picture online doesn't do these shoes justice. They're definitely as chunky-looking in real life as they are in the image, but they're surprisingly a lot cuter. They're true-to-size (I ordered a 7.5) and the second I put them on my feet, I knew they were a winner.

I've officially gone to OTF three times while wearing them, and they have made all the difference. They're perfectly cushioned, have a plush tongue and ankle collar and have what's called "GuideRails," which help protect your knees by eliminating excess movement.

I immediately loved these shoes so much, and the knee pain I typically experience while on the treadmill and my post-workout lower-back pain was completely gone, which shocked me.

The pair I ordered are in the colorway "Grey/Copper/White" and they match really well with all of my leggings. I love white sneakers and was so pleasantly surprised by these shoes, both functionally and style-wise.

Although they're $99.95, that's relatively inexpensive compared to some other exercise shoes by brands like Adidas and Nike, and Brooks is a really reliable company so you know the quality is there.

Overall, although I've only owned these shoes for a few days, I would suggest them to anyone who does high intensity workouts, and specifically those who run, because so far they've proven to be a great


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