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black lives matter // educational resources

The past two weeks, I've decided to forgo my weekly blog posts. This was done to allow the social media feeds of myself and others to be filled with educational content pertaining to the current state of our country and specifically the Black Lives Matter movement.

This week, I'll begin to share "regular" content on the blog again; many creators, celebrities and influencers have recently made this decision as well. However, I think that although people are shifting back to sharing their "regular" content, it's crucial that we keep on pushing and keep the BLM movement at the center of conversations and on our social media channels.

I've personally done a lot of educating lately — as many people have — and I've loved the content that The Everygirl has been producing. At its core, The Everygirl is very inclusive and always uses their platform to amplify voices that deserve to be heard. From books written by Black authors, to Black-owned businesses and how to be actively anti-racist in daily life, The Everygirl has brought the cause to the forefront and done an amazing job sharing, highlighting and amplifying the voices and stories of Black women.

Below I'll be re-sharing some resources that I've found particularly helpful and educational. They include educational information as well as different perspectives from Black individuals, specifically Black women. As a white woman who truthfully only recognized her privilege within the last five years, I know that I can do better — I commit to this and encourage others to do so as well.

I've certainly had many questions that are innocent to me but can seem ignorant depending on how you look at it. Questions like, "Is it rude to call people Black? Or do they prefer African-American?". That question and other similar ones have been answered through social media and other research I've done. This post isn't about me, but I have to be truthful and say that I truly never learned a lot about Black history with the exception of MLK and slavery — and I know this is true for many of my white peers. That is why it is so important that we independently educate ourselves.

As I finish this post and begin to share resources that have particularly impacted me, I have to acknowledge that many white allies find themselves worried about saying the "wrong thing." That was certainly my biggest fear because as someone who considers themself an ally, I wouldn't want to offend anyone who I support and stand with.

I strive to keep the Black Lives Matter movement in the spotlight and to do my part through lifelong education, active listening and always showing up with compassion.

Showing up imperfectly is better than not showing up at all. We all have room to grow and you can never stop learning! Let's continue to lift up Black voices and show the world that BLM isn't just some Instagram "trend" and the protests aren't just "for show." Americans and people all over the world mean business and won't stop until change is made.


My list of resources is IN NO WAY exhaustive. There is much more out there and there will be much more to come. I highly suggest clicking on the shared Instagram posts below and reading the captions — it's more than worth it.

This IGTV by @anastasiarjd is a great place to start for anyone worried about saying the wrong thing — or simply worried about what they should say at all.

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