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5 ways to make a small room feel bigger

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Whether a room in your home or apartment is too narrow, too dark or an odd shape, it can be tricky to determine how to design and decorate so that the space feels normal. Rather than messing with trial and error, it's smart to do your research on how to maximize space using a few simple methods.

1. Play with light and dark colors

photo by manny pantoja via unsplash

Painting a space with contrasting colors can give the room more depth, thus making it feel larger. Try using a combination of a bright white paint and a darker paint to add a pop of color that's both pleasing and serves a function.

2. Place mirrors on walls adjacent to windows to reflect light

photo by emile guillemot via unsplash

If there's only one tiny window in a tiny room, this trick works great for reflecting light around the room while also giving the illusion that the room is larger. Mirrors can be highly beneficial both for the purpose of making a room feel larger (again, creating more depth) and for other purposes, such as checking yourself out!

3. Minimize clutter and use discreet storage

photo by mr. chen via unsplash

Ottomans, TV stands and cute bins can be life-changing when it comes to organizing a space. Clutter is inevitable for most people, but it doesn't have to be visible clutter! Even if trinkets, papers and other items are messily thrown into a hidden storage space, such as inside an ottoman, your room can still appear organized.

4. Hang floor-to-ceiling curtains

photo by rahul chakraborty via unsplash

This design trick can make all the difference! A room may feel small, or the height of the ceiling may actually be shorter than average, but the addition of floor-to-ceiling curtains can appear to visibly lengthen the wall and act as an illusion.

5. Decorate with short pieces of furniture and décor

photo by filios sazeides via unsplash

At the thought of this, you might be envisioning what a room might look like in a funhouse mirror. The idea isn't to purchase children's-sized items, but rather to purchase regular-sized items that are close to the ground. A low-sitting couch or a platform bed will make the room look bigger and the ceiling feel higher.

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