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apt decor I'm eyeing...again

Remember when I shared this blog back in April? Yeah, well I don't really like any of that stuff anymore.

Forever indecisive when it comes to my home decor style, I have once again mentally redesigned my next apartment — and this time I think I finally got it right.

Light-and-bright boho-chic with natural elements and neutral tones. Because that's a style...because I said so.

I'm going to keep this short and sweet and simply share some items I've bought for our next apartment — and some items that are currently on my wish-list.

Table-top Decor

Like I said, I'm indecisive, but I see this decor arrangement looking really cute! I plan to put it on either on the top of our dresser or on a living room table. I actually own all of these pieces (and the pampas/bunny tails are on their way!) and I can't wait to style them in person!

AfloralNatural Tan Pampas ($14)

AfloralMauve Bunny Tail Grass ($16)

Pier 1Tortoise Shell Glass Vase ($12) (the linked vase is unavailable online — I found it at my local Pier 1 — but this one from Afloral is super similar!)

Pier 1 Gold Metal Loop Figurine ($8) (this is also only available in-store at select Pier 1 locations, but this one is soooort of similar)

Bedroom Accents

Woven Nook — Oatmeal 22" x 22" Corduroy Pillow ($24.95)

Woven Nook — Rose 18" x 18" Velvet Pillow ($32.95 for 2)

Lulu and Georgia — Light Pink Velvet Bolster Pillow ($48) (currently out of stock but there's a waitlist for the restock!)

Pottery Barn — Round 36" Mirror ($239)

West Elm — Raffia Dresser ($1,299) (...a girl can dream)

West Elm — Raffia Nightstand ($798 for 2) (again, a girl can dream)

Honorable mention:

I finally was able to snag the white Casaluna Linen Blend Comforter from Target and I'm OBSESSED. This line is highly sought after and restocks sell out super fast. I got lucky a few weeks ago and ordered the comforter, hoping it would be as great as I expected it to did not disappoint. Get yourself this comforter if you have the chance — it's shockingly good quality and the price is great in comparison to other name-brand linen comforters!

Hopefully soon I'll be coming atcha with a blog featuring pictures of this decor inside my new apartment...until then, follow me on Pinterest for daily decor and lifestyle inspiration.

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