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pieces i'm eyeing for my next apt

Isn't it funny how you always want to purchase new items when you really don't have the money for them? As an unemployed almost-college graduate who has no idea what the future will look like, the last thing I should be doing is lusting over home decor. However, here we are. Are we surprised? Absolutely not.

Every couple of months I become slightly more addicted to home decor and find myself spending a lottt of time obsessing over discount decor. Whether it's Target, AllModern, Wayfair, Overstock, or any site you can think of — I'm scouring them all for deals.

Although my future is uncertain and I'm not sure where I'll be in the upcoming months, one thing is for sure: I'm gonna need a little home decor refresh once I get settled in a new place. My couch pillows are starting to droop, my bedside lamp has been broken for a while, and in general, I just have my eye on some items I think would spice up my space.


The one perk of my current downtown State College apartment is all of the built-in storage! The apartment is "one of a kind" and "unique," which are really just phrases that the rental company uses to distract from the fact that the apartment was built half a century ago. The built-ins are definitely the best part; however, I'll likely be stuck with limited or no wall/shelf storage once I move out, thus why I want a beautiful tall bookshelf to display my books, picture frames, candles and other fun decor.

Check out two that I like from Wayfair: Warm Brass Kit Geometric Bookcase & Dahill Etagere Bookcase

Bar Cart

Another benefit of my current apartment is that it came with a full bar area.

This bar was perfect for displaying my unopened bottles of wine, some cute framed photos and wine glasses, but a bar cart is definitely my next move. There's so much bar cart inspo on Pinterest and Instagram, and I can't wait to get my hands on one!

I like this one from Wayfair.

Bar Cart Decor

Although I'll use my bar cart as a place to fashionably display bottles of alcohol, I also want to jazz it up a bit! I've seen people place picture frames, vases and more atop their carts — so cute!

I love a good Aperol Spritz and this watercolor print from PintikStudio on Etsy brings one of my favorite drinks to life! Paired with the Limoncello Spritz, this frame duo would look great either on a wall or on the top shelf of the bar cart.

Frame Trio

I never ended up finding the perfect picture for over the couch at our DC apartment last summer...but I never stopped searching. Honestly, I like the trio featured in this post a lot, but there's no doubt that I'll continue to look until I find the one.

I recently discovered Juniper Print Shop and I'm looooving all the designs offered! They're inexpensive and super cute. PEACHY I, PEACHY II AND PEACHY III are some of my favs.

Ceramic Fruit Bowl

Is it weird to want a ceramic fruit bowl? I don't think most 21-year-olds have this on their wishlists! I have this two-tiered gold basket from Target that we use for Evan's bananas and my avocados, and it's great but I'd love a big fruit bowl to use as a centerpiece, as well.

This bowl from Williams Sonoma is minimalistic and kind of matches the new dinnerware I want, too!

Bedside Table Lamp

Like I said, my bedside table lamp has been broken literally since we moved into our apartment in it has been pretty useless. I love my lamp, but it's also worth mentioning that we have mismatched lamps on each side of the bed — one pink, one blue. I know, it's a symmetry nightmare.

I'm hopefully going to work with my dad to create some bedside table lamps with wooden legs, but if that doesn't work out, I love this pair from Poly & Bark, a totally underrated decor website. I love the simplicity and elegance of this lamp for any room in the house.

Decorative Pillows

Pillows have to be my favorite type of decor. I've always loved them and going to college has fueled that love even more. Have I reused any pillows from year to year? I'm gonna have to say no...I admit that I have a problem.

Anyway, our couch pillows are looking DINGY and I want to spruce things up a bit. These three pillow covers from West Elm are on sale right now and they're right up my alley when it comes to color scheme and design. Click to shop the Shape Block Study Pillow Cover, the Line Study Pillow Cover and the Shape Block Shag Pillow Cover.

Love my decor inspo and looking for more? Follow me on Pinterest!

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