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last-minute amazon gifts for everyone on your list

OK, so you've missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday and Christmas is only a few weeks away, but don't panic.

As we all know by now, Amazon has the best prices year-round and Prime members are hooked up with free two-day shipping and sometimes even next-day shipping!

I love Amazon and have been known to abuse my family's Prime membership at times (sorry @Jeff Fortin). I've never failed to pick up a great find — from sweaters to my favorite moisturizer!

The great thing about Amazon is that it literally has anything and everything you could possibly need for everyone on your list! So whoever you're shopping for, you're bound to find the perfect gift!

Check out my gift guide below for some last-minute gifts for those on your list this year!

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am now an Amazon Affiliate! If you purchase any of the items through the links below, I could potentially benefit and make a profit on qualifying purchases.

The Workaholic

Blue light glasses are all the rave right now — I have a pair on my list this Christmas, too! They are the perfect gift for anyone who spends a long amount of time in front of a computer screen throughout the day!

Cord organizers are great for anyone who's often on the go! I especially love this leather design because it's perfect for popping into a leather briefcase — this is definitely something that I would get for Evan post-grad for cord storage in his work bag.

The Kitchen Connoisseur

I LOVE the look of wooden serving bowls, and this Acacia Wood salad bowl is no exception. This bowl is a great gift for the hostest with the mostest — or really just anyone who likes to make their food look pretty!

Another thing on my list this year: egg bite mold for the Instant Pot! The egg bites at Starbucks are delicious, but buying them every day would get expensive...this mold is a perfect way to meal prep your own sous vide egg bites for the week!

The Caffeine Addict

If you can't afford a fancy milk frother — or simply feel like you don't really need one — this small hand-held frother is something to look into! Whether you're purchasing it for yourself or for the coffee lover on your shopping list, this is a fun and useful stocking stuffer or small gift.

For those who don't drink coffee but still like to stay caffeinated, gift them this matcha set for the holidays. Many people don't make matcha correctly (I'm guilty of it) and this set will help improve the quality and taste of any matcha concoction.

The Creative

Ideal for taking notes, leaving messages and scribbling doodles, this monogrammed notepad is perfectly personalized for the creative mind on your shopping list this year. The best part is that it's a personal and heart-felt present that doesn't take a lot of effort to order.

I've personally never used Washi tape before, but I've heard from so many people that you can use it for everything! From embellishing pencils to marking your phone charging cords, Washi tape is great for DIYs and everyday decorating.

The Fashionista

Remember the Amazon sweater I raved about a few posts ago? DUH, how could you forget! This sweater is evvvvverything. It goes with black jeans, blue denim and depending on the color you decide to buy, it would look great with white pants too. It's perfectly fuzzy, well-made and a relatively inexpensive and unique piece to gift a fashion-forward female in your life.

Another one of my personal favorites. This mouse mask is so cute and so sweet! It's perfect for those who don't believe that being fashionable is only limited to the hours you spend awake. Whoever you buy this sleep mask for this year will drift off in style.


Don't see anything on my list that will work for the people on your list? Check out my full Amazon page for more of my favorites, including beauty, fashion and home products!

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