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ask me about my masks

Hello, hello! I'm back after a far too long hiatus from the blog. The last time we talked I shared about my then-impending move to Chicago and how excited I was to finally have gotten a job. Two months later and I can honestly say that the real world is d r a i n i n g and I'm tired all the time LOL. That's all I'm going to say about work and adulting because this is supposed to be a fun post...

I, too, have an obsession with everyone's newest favorite accessory: MASKS.

Oh boy, do I love a good mask. My philosophy is if I'm going to be wearing something over my face all day, it might as well be cute and enhance my outfit. I'll spare you a conversation about the coronavirus and jump straight to the masks!

Silk Face Masks - Altaire

This mask is skin-friendly and fashionable. I think we all know by now that silk is ALWAYS the answer...from silk pillow cases, to hair ties, to sleep masks, and now face masks, silk is great for your skin and hair and is super chic. I have this mask in the colors 'champagne,' 'lilac,' and 'rose,' and I'm truly tempted to buy some more (I have my eye on the fuchsia color!). These masks come in a little high at $18, but I purchased mine through a buy two, get one free promo using code MASKUP.

A moment of silence for my favorite Resa mask that I lost somewhere between work and my apartment :( I'm still convinced Evan is hiding it somewhere or it fell behind something and I'll find it one day...never lose hope! I discovered these masks through an Instagram ad and instantly became obsessed. At 5 for $25, these masks are a really good deal. They're durable, comfortable and come in super unique styles! The best part is that Resa makes clothing in the same patterns as the masks, so you could buy a whole matching fit! Ah, nothing quite like when your mask matches your outfit...just 2020 things! I have the pastel pack but you really can't go wrong with any of the packs! However, I really love the fall-themed pack.

I came across Sier.ra through a podcast I listen to and I am truly obsessed. These masks are a no-brainer, not only because of how cute they are but because they're handmade by a Black, female small business owner. Say. Freaking. Less. I may or may not have gone overboard and gotten four mask styles from Sier.ra: the 'Wanderer,' the 'Unity,' the 'Be Kind' and the 'Bloom in the Wind'. These masks are $9.99 and $11.99 depending on the style, which is so reasonable considering the effort and precision put into making these masks look great. I'm trying not to buy any more masks this month, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have the 'Traveler' mask, the 'Follow the Rainbow' mask and the 'Wild at Heart' mask in my cart right now... Oh, and did I mention how durable and high-quality these masks are?!?! Simply put, you need one (or 10).

I think everyone has been bombarded by Kitsch mask ads in the past couple of months. I had been feeling a little stalked by Kitsch Instagram ads and then randomly bought a pack at Ulta wayyy back in June. I'm convinced these masks are truly one-size-fits-all when it comes to size, comfort and style — and they're only $12 for a 3-pack. They come in a variety of colors from plain black, to floral, to leopard and more. Size-wise, these masks fit both my face AND Evan's, which really tells you a lot because of all the knowledge Evan has in his brain that makes his head extra big... Kitsch cotton masks are a great option for anyone looking for a casual, wear-everyday staple mask, one that hasn't left my regular rotation since the beginning of the pandemic. I have the neutral, leopard and blush packs, and might have to go buy the dusty rose pack (sneakily, because Evan judges me for my mask obsession...).

I would not suggest exercising in any of the aforementioned masks...I do, however, suggest working out in these Athleta masks!!! The "Made to Move" masks are breathable, lightweight and work for the toughest of workouts, even all-outs on the treadmill at Orangetheory. I have the Agate Purple/Canyon Red/Flora pack. A lot of the recent reviews for this mask are not so hot but I haven't had any issues with mine! Many of the bad reviews cite the uncomfortable wire as the problem, so here's a tip for anyone struggling with this: try flipping the mask upside-down! This mask in particular is super comfortable flipped upside-down and doesn't look weird at all. At 3 for $25, these masks are a little more expensive but get the job done and even have a spot for removable filter inserts. Athleta also sells "mask bags" in various colors, yet another covid accessory I didn't know I needed. I also recently ordered a "mask chain" from Cuffed by Nano, one of my favorite jewelry shops, and I can't wait for it to arrive.


I hope you enjoyed this blog and please remember to WEAR YOUR MASK and treat people with kindness :)

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