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i'm moving!

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

If we aren't connected on LinkedIn or Instagram, you might not know that...I'm moving!

This week I'm packing up (at least some of) my things and making the drive to Chicago! I'm officially headed West — for the first time in my life. Growing up on the East Coast, my knowledge of geography is pretty limited other than the fact that I can properly distinguish New Hampshire and Vermont on the map. Moving to Chicago will definitely be a change of pace and I'll get to explore a new part of the country, too! I'm a Midwesterner, y'all! Do they call themselves that? No? Ok...

You're probably wondering why I've decided to pack up all of my decorative pillows and move to Chicago. Well, I got a job!

I'll be joining Voyant Beauty, a personal care and beauty product manufacturing company, next week in Hodgkins, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. After months and months of applying to jobs, getting ghosted by recruiters and receiving rejection emails written by bots, I finally was able to secure a position and I can't wait to get started!

Although you've probably never heard of Voyant, the company manufactures many of the brands you know and love! The next time you go to Ulta, just know that you're surrounded by products manufactured by Voyant Beauty!

Although I've yet to find an apartment, you know I'm mentally planning it and will share alllll the deets once I'm moved in. My latest idea? Two words: wardrobe room. Unfortunately it will double as Evan's office space, but I'm envisioning a room that's 80% wardrobe, 20% work.

Speaking of Evan, of course he'll be moving to Chicago with me since he already works remotely for a company based downtown and hopes to go to law school in the area starting next fall! Chicago is one of his favorite places and I can't wait to experience it! I already have a list of restaurants we want to go to...covid-permitting :/

That's all I have for now, but seriously, get ready for new post in the near future all about how I've decorated our new place!

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