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small gifts & stocking stuffers

Happy, happy holidays! The holiday season certainly looks different this year, but no matter how you're spending it, I hope you're able to enjoy a much-needed break from work/school surrounded by people you love (whether that's in person or via Zoom!).

I'm a little late to posting my Christmas and holiday gift guides this year, but I figured I would still share a quick couple of gifts I love. Although something you order today probably won't arrive by Christmas, I hope that I can help you out if you're looking for a small gift or stocking stuffer for yourself or for that chic woman in your life!

Glossier has been an "It brand" loved by Millennials and Gen Z for a couple years now. I don't personally own anything from Glossier but I know how much of a cult favorite so many of the brand's products are. This buildable, shiny lip gloss is super chic — I personally like the shade 'Genius' for a blush peach look.

If you can't afford to own, let alone gift, the Aritzia Super Puff parka, this mask is the next best thing. Complete with a cozy brushed lining, the Super Puff mask comes in 9 colors, is unisex and is perfect for anyone living in a colder climate this winter! I love the 'Matte Pearl' and 'High Gloss Black' masks — someone tell me I don't need to add to my mask collection...especially considering the vaccine is starting to roll-out...

Monogrammed jewelry will never go out of style! I have fallen in love with it over the years, and although the way I wear my monogram has certainly changed since my KJP prepster days, I truly believe these pieces are timeless... Unless you get married and your monogram changes, which is why I have been loving lettered jewelry or pieces that highlight only your first name. To any husbands or boyfriends reading this — gift a set of these sweet Gorjana bracelets to your girl, one with your letter and one with hers!

Does this feel like an unnecessary purchase? Slightly. However, this eco-friendly lighter is designed to last forever and is much more aesthetically pleasing than your average gas station BIC lighter. I think this is such a fun and unexpected gift!

You've heard of dry brushing your body, but what about dry brushing your face?! I have gotten really into skincare this year and have become obsessed with cool tools like rose quartz rollers, ice rollers and now this dry brush. A facial dry brush totally enhances your skincare ritual and exfoliates your skin, promotes lymphatic drainage and boosts circulation.

The concept of 'handscreen' might seem a little boujee, but I fully endorse it. As someone who can shamefully admit my lack of sunscreen use in the past, I am actively working toward including SPF in my daily skincare (and hand care!) routine. Your hands tend to age much quicker than the rest of your body, which is why wearing "handscreen" is such a smart idea. I think the 1oz size of this handscreen is a great stocking stuffer that encourages healthy skincare practices! The bottle is also very cute, which helps.

Resuable straws are NOT a new thing; however, so many people still don't have one! Make it easier for someone in your life to be a little more eco-friendly by gifting them this reusable straw with a convenient case. This is great for anyone on-the-go and makes helping the planet just that much simpler!

I feel like tech gloves are always really ugly...anyone else? Just me? My dislike of traditional tech gloves may be slightly niche, but nobody can tell me that these cashmere tech gloves aren't more chic and more functional than the average scratchy glove. Gift these and the Super Puff mask to a cold climate gal and she'll be thanking you all winter! I love these in the color 'Heather Birch'.

The 'As Seen On TV' Turbie Twist towel that you got in 2011 isn't cutting it anymore, ladies. Gentle, microfiber towels with super absorption power have really broken into the post-shower accessory scene recently — see: Kitsch, L'ange and Aquis, among many others. A couple microinfluencers I follow have recently promoted the VOLO Hero towel, and my raggedy Turbie Twist and I are both here for it. It comes in grey and pink, and there's even an exclusive blue towel from a collab with Bluemercury.

Ok, kinda weird, but hear me out: I'm on hair TikTok, and scalp health has rapidly become an urgent concern of mine, especially now that I live in Chicago and it's freaking chilly here. This stimulating scalp brush breaks up product build-up (which I'm assuming 99% of people have, even if they don't style their hair daily anymore during the pandemic...) and stimulates circulation, aka HAIR GROWTH. Might seem silly, but I think we all need this.

I have really come to like Thrive Causemetics over the past two years. Their liquid lash extension mascara is truly my holy grail and I have the Brilliant Eye Brightener in 'Stella,' which has a champagne shimmer. What really caught my eye recently with this product is the new color, 'Muna.' It's a shimmery mauve-y, taupe cream-to-powder highlighter that you can honestly use on your whole lid for such a cute look. It's a little smokey and would be perfect for any COVID-safe New Year's celebrations!

I see this comb looking super chic on a marble trivet surrounded by beautifully packaged skincare products by brands like Sunday Riley and The Ordinary. Functional, yet fancy, this comb is something to lust after. Machete also has so so many combs in a bunch of different colors, but I have my eye on No. 2 in Blonde Tortoise.

I've talked about nighttime essentials in the past and pillow spray is a must-have in my opinion...although I've been sleeping terribly lately, so I'm not sure if I'm most fit to be giving out sleep-related advice. Anyyyyway, this pillow spray would make a nightstand look very put-together and also provides you with a floral mix of lavender, chamomile and vetiver to drift off to. $29 might seem a little steep for something you'll be spraying on your pillow, but don't worry, SkinStore is offering 25% off right now with code BLACK.

Summer Fridays has become so trendy this year, and once again, I'm here for it. From the branding, to the product itself, the Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask is a new cult favorite. You can use the product as a mask or as a daily moisturizer, and I even remember seeing an influencer say she applies it mid-plane ride (pre-COVID, of course) to prevent flying-related dryness. Another added bonus to Summer Fridays is that the company's co-founders Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Ireland are total badass It girls with the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram feeds.

Who needs Apple to include a charger with new phones when you can just get a futuristic, techy wireless charger that matches your vibe? Wireless charging pads are great for iPhones and AirPods, and this specific model comes in 'slate,' 'rose,' 'indigo' and 'sage'! So cute!

Not everyone can afford the coveted $75 Mejuri Croissant Dôme Ring...thankfully brands like ALV Jewels and ana luisa have created the perfect dupes that still look chic and won't break the bank. I am truly obsessed with the new minimalist-chic trend in jewelry and have my eye on sooo many new pieces this season.


As always, I hope this blog was helpful and led you to a gift for yourself or for someone else! Enjoy the holiday season and hopefully I'll find some more inspiration and be back on the blog again soon!

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