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Updated: Mar 1, 2020

I can't believe it's been nearly a month since my last post! My holiday season has been filled with travel and visiting with family, and of course I've had the opportunity to wear some super cute outfits during this time.


In November, I spent Thanksgiving at Disney with Evan's family! I'm not one to wear graphics on my clothes, but I found this Mickey sweater at H&M before leaving for vacation and it ended up being the perfect piece for the trip!

For Thanksgiving dinner, I opted to wear one of my favorite new sweaters. I love H&M for lower-priced items that are still relatively good quality, and this mock-neck sweater with pearl details is perfect. I loved it so much, I went back a few weeks later and got a similar style you'll see later in this article.

Early December

My 21st birthday was on December 10th, and I brought back an old favorite coat of mine for the celebrations. You know what they say — absence makes the heart grow fonder! I hadn't really worn this coat since freshman year of college, but once I put it back on, I couldn't take it off! This will definitely be a go-to piece for future nights out this winter.


After we finished up with finals, Evan and I took a little road trip to Boston and Maine to visit with my family. Remember that pearl sweater I wore on Thanksgiving? The sister sweater made its way to New England with me and paired sooo well with the pearl headband I picked up from Zara (I've linked a similar one from Nasty Gal).

I talked about this scarf and these boots in a blog post earlier this fall, but they were especially helpful during this trip because of how cold it was up north! As always, I wore my beloved J.Crew Cocoon Coat, a staple I've lived in for the past four winters. The price of this coat might make your jaw drop — it definitely makes mine drop too! — but full-disclosure, I got mine for like $99 at the outlet way back in the day. However, this jacket is totally worth it and as I said, a great staple piece for anyone who lives in a colder climate.


Although I spent Christmas dressed cozy and literally took no pictures, I was able to bring some cute looks with me on the cruise we went on for Evan's mom's birthday. Since we cruised down in the Caribbean-area, I dug out my favorite warm-weather clothing from the depths of my drawers.

Both the shorts and the top I'm wearing above are unfortunately sold out because I purchased them a long time ago. However, I highly suggest getting yourself a pair of Abercrombie shorts (when they're back in stock — the site is shockingly bare right now) because they fit so well and are so cute! Regarding my top, unsurprisingly it's from Zara! I love Zara for all of the chic white summer tops they release each year.

Last but not least, I love a good pair of "bug-eye" sunglasses, as Evan would call them. I picked up this pair from ASOS, after having a great experience with my first pair of ASOS sunglasses I purchased forever ago and still wear on the reg. Throughout the trip I made it my goal to find the perfect floppy hat, and on one of the last days I finally did! I got it in a Mexican market, but you can find similar ones everywhere, including on Zappos.

Early January

Back-to-school means styling all of the cute pieces I got for Christmas! I love a good fuzzy scarf, and this one from Anthropologie is not only fuzzy, but colorful and perfect for spring!

Clearly I've been loving this coat lately, and mainly because it goes with everything! I've wanted a white jacket for a while and this sherpa puffer from Abercrombie is both warm and chic. Below I paired it with a fun sweater from an online store called "Love Street."

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