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new year's eve 2018: my look

I'm spending this New Year's Eve in Toronto, Canada with my family and my boyfriend, Evan. I've never been to Canada, and although I hate the cold, I'm really looking forward to the trip! For my New Year's Eve look this year, I wanted to ditch the sparkles and focus more on fun patterns and prints.

One of my New Year's Resolutions this year was to experiment more with patterns, prints and colors that are out of my comfort zone and I wanted to end the year embracing it. Ordering clothes online is always a gamble especially when you're petite — I'm barely 5'2" — but thankfully all three of the items I ordered for New Year's fit perfectly when they arrived! 

I really love this outfit because of the contrasting patterns, colors and fabrics. The teddy bear knit of the sweater looks great against the leopard jeans. The gold jewelry and belt loop are bold but don't clash with the tiny silver studs on the boots. Overall, this outfit is versatile and I'll be able to pair each item with so many other pieces to create endless styles. 

Sweater: SHOP LUX "Matilda Fuzzy Sweater"

Boots: FOREVER 21 "Studded Chelsea Boots

Necklace: Banana Republic (2016) 

Belt: Urban Outfitters

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