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styling 2 popular amazon sweaters

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

The only thing I love more than a cozy sweater is getting a good deal (is anyone sensing a theme here?). Earlier this fall, bloggers and Influencers donning their Amazon Fashion picks filled my social feeds. Two pieces in particular stuck out to me: a leopard sweater and a cardigan in the same print.

I finally ordered the sweater and the button-front cardigan once they were both on Prime and I'm so happy I did! They're so cute, so soft and most importantly, worth the price!

I decided to do a try-on styling video to show off how adorable these two pieces are and also how I plan on styling them this fall and winter! Enjoy!

Crewneck Sweater, $29.99 (Mine is in 'Apricot')

Cardigan, $29.99 (Mine is in 'White')

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