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what's on my christmas list this year

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Last week on the blog I talked about last-minute Amazon gifts for everyone on your list, but this week I thought I'd give a look at what I'm wishing for this Christmas.

I'm so lucky to be able to receive wonderful gifts each year and with the beauty of technology, I no longer have to create paper lists — I'm able to organize everything on Pinterest for anyone who wants to know what I want from Santa ;)

Before I go any further, I just want to state that the goal of this post isn't to make anyone think I'm materialistic and begging for gifts. I'm writing this to simply give a look at what I like right now and maybe inspire some other people to add my fave items to their list — or gift them to someone else!

For the purpose of this post, I've organized 10 items on my list into 5 sections: Tech, Beauty, Style, Health and Books.


I've had my AirPods for about a year now, and although I've been really good about not dropping them, I still love a good tech accessory! This silicone case is shock-resistant and comes with a pink base and two caps, one white and one blue!

I recently got an Apple Watch and I'm obsessed with it! It's super ideal for tracking my activity while on campus and at Orangetheory, literally having my calendar on my wrist and being able to use the iPhone pinging feature — I lose my phone like 50 times a day, so that aspect of the watch is super convenient.

Although I primarily wear my watch with casual day-to-day clothes, this leather band with gold hardware is so cute and would be perfect for wearing to anything work-related or somewhere where I'd like to look a little more presentable.


I have heard sooo many amazing things about this lip mask — an Allure Best of Beauty award winner — and I'm hoping to get to try it out for myself soon! Winter weather in State College is cold and dry, but this lip mask (which can also be used as a chapstick) just might be the cure: reviewers claim it heals dry and cracked lips in no time.

I have the knowledge of a 5th grader who just discovered beauty YouTubers when it comes to makeup, but I've been eyeballing this palette forever. I love neutrals, nudes and sparkles (duh), so this palette is everything I could ever wish for!


I won't lie, this coat is a little expensive...but with Abercrombie's great deals this time of year, a lot of their more expensive coats are on sale. I can attest to the fact that their jackets really are worth it, and this white sherpa puffer looks both chic and warm!

I love Zara and I can never pass up a black bootie moment, so when I tried these on at the Zara store in Disney Springs, they instantly made their way onto my list. I've been hunting for a good pair of studded boots for a long time now and these check off all the boxes — lug sole, low-heeled and mixed media!


I order hot matcha from Starbucks and other coffee shops year-round, so this pink Popsocket cup sleeve would be both a cute and functional addition to my life! It's also a more sustainable option, so you can't really go wrong there.

I have a ton of loose leaf tea, but it can be hard to drink while on-the-go. This travel tea mug is iridescent, gorgeous and keeps your tea nice and hot!


Each year I like to ask for some coffee table books related to design and style, as well as some cookbooks. One of this year's style-related books is called "How to Not Wear Black: Find Your Style and Create Your Forever Wardrobe." I saw it at Barnes & Noble a few months ago and it seems like a really useful and interesting read — and the design is pretty!

I'm always looking for simple recipes for dinners and weekly meal prepping, so I think this book could be really helpful to me! It seems like it would be really great for someone with a busy schedule, and if the recipes are anything like what author Tieghan Gerard shares on the Half Baked Harvest Instagram account, they're bound to be delicious.

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